Certification of Conformance is required indicating PO number, Part Number(s) and revisions name of the supplier and quantities accepted and rejected of testing is required. It shall be signed by personnel qualified to sign the document and it shall contain the title and typed name of such personnel.
The Certification of Conformance attests to the fact that materials/services provided by supplier meet all drawing and/or relevant specification requirements. Records supporting the certification are on file and available for review upon request.

Certification must state details of processes performed with applicable specifications and revisions

Chemical and/or physical test reports are required on raw materials and products and must state the specific results of material tests, showing the material meet all relevant specifications

Materials or products ordered must be as ordered and no substitutions are allowed except by amendment to the Purchase Order

For age sensitive materials certification of conformance is requires statement of shelf life, expiration date, storage requirements and batch/lot number identifying the product

JD PROCESSING, INC., our customers, Government, Regulatory Agencies and Prime contractors reserve the “Right of Entry” to verify the quality of work, records and materials at any time deemed necessary

This is a Government contract: Minimum a ISO 9001 inspection system is required. Notify JD Processing, Inc. if the Quality Management System does not meet the above requirements.

This contract requires a minimum Quality Management System iaw ISO 9001, AS9100, or ISO 17025.  Notify JD Processing, Inc. if the Quality Management System does not meet the above requirements.

This contract requires Nadcap registration for the services provided. Notify JD Processing, Inc. if the scope of approval does not include the services/goods purchased.

Current approval of relevant processes and Quality Management System imposed bycontract with JD PROCESSING, INC is required
Contract number: __________________________________________

Supplier agrees to furnish the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet(s) (MSDS) with each shipment for product designated by industry, state or federal agencies as hazardous material

Packaging and protection of the product shipped shall be in accordance with JD PROCESSING, INC
Purchase Order or best commercial practice to protect the goods and finish applied from damage and deterioration

Perform 100% inspection on characteristics specified by JD PROCESSING, INC.
Sampling inspection is not allowed. A copy of this inspection is required with shipment of product

The supplier shall comply with JD PROCESSING, INC. special quality requirements noted on the Purchase Order. Refer to PO and/or attachments

Calibration system must be per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, Z540-3 or ISO10012-1

Verify all characteristics specified on First Article and all other parts must be held until the first piece is inspected and approved during inspection. If the First Article part is acceptable, it shall be identified as
First Article and the inspection records shall be delivered to JD PROCESSING, INC. with shipment.

Sampling inspection may be used and must conform to ANSI/Z1.4 (MIL-STD-105) or other criteria specified on Purchase Order

GOVERNMENT SOURCE INSPECTION is required prior to shipment from your facility. Upon receipt of this order promptly notify Government Representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished

Serialization requirements are imposed. All parts have unique serial numbers assigned. Maintain S/N traceability at all stages of manufacturing processing. Indicate S/N on all certifications, shipping reports and/or documents

Final Source inspection is required by JD PROCESSING, INC. Notify JD PROCESSING, INC, Inc. Quality Assurance Manager within 48 hrs prior to product being ready for inspection. JD PROCESSING, INC. will coordinate inspection with JD PROCESSING, INC customer and/or regulatory agency, as required.

When subcontracting services to lower tier supplier flown down of relevant quality specifications (i.e., key characteristics, inspection and testing requirements, etc.) is required.

Terms and Conditions are available with Quality Representative.